For years, educational institutions have relied on traditional methods for teaching, leaving a gap between the traditional and modern. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, education has moved to digital platforms. Therefore creating gaps in digital knowledge for teachers and students, leaving questions like; where can teachers acquire new digital knowledge? Or how can students receive excellent support in a digital world? This results in a mismatch between what the education market can offer and what teachers and students need.

Zoey, an extension of and support for you as a teacher in a digitizing world

The Virtual teaching assistant

Zoey supports teachers by providing them with digital skills, preparing them for the digital future. By sharing their learning goals, teachers can increase their knowledge of the digital world with the help of Zoey. In return, Zoey guides teachers throughout the journey and supports them where necessary, in both a proactive and reactive way. 

During proactive training sessions, the teachers can ask all their questions regarding the lessons. Zoey responds by adjusting to dialogue, sending only relevant information.

After the training sessions, teachers can submit their feedback. Zoey analyses this feedback and makes suggestions for future training. Zoey can communicate through several common channels, such as Whatsapp and Microsoft Teams.

Zoey supports teachers so they can spend their time more efficiently, by helping with student related activities, such as homework, learning material and grade average. By using Zoey, the workload of teachers can be reduced, leaving a friendlier work environment.

Zoey forms an extension of the teacher, helping students with questions and uncertainties. Students can ask anything related to school, such as homework, what their grade average is, timetables etc.

At the same time, Zoey helps students to reach the next level of their education, – with due dates of books or their choice of a next education/school or introduction days.

Zoey communicates in a modern way and is created after the best teaching assistant:

  • Expert. Knows the answer to all questions related to learning digital skills.
  • Personal. Shows interest and asks for interests through the dialogue in a 1-on-1 setting.
  • Helping hand. Provides support when needed, solicited and unsolicited.

Zoey results for teachers and students in:

  • Insights in personal learning styles and wishes, so digital skills are taught in a personal and efficient way.
  • High quality support through multiple, digital contact moments throughout the day.
  • Flexibility when a teacher or student needs support, because Zoey is always available.

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