What is Zoey?

Your personalized assistant

Zoey as a company focuses on standardizing hyper-personal conversations and helps their partners to create the ultimate customer experience, for their customers. We help companies to engage with their customers more often, longer, and more personalized than ever before.

Our service is powered by real people complemented with enterprise-grade artificial intelligence, whilst creating an emotional connection to any of your customers. We provide seamless communication from any data architecture to many platforms such as WhatsApp.

Many industries have adopted principles to deliver true customer value, but there are countless missed opportunities in customer retention, leading to decreased customer loyalty. Zoey uses the newest technology to reach the highest and most personal interaction of customer engagement between business and customer. Zoey advices the customer with human contact, as we believe that no technology will ever replace humans. Without human contact, no conversation will ever be the same. 

With Zoey, you will find many returning customers while gaining more insights, customer loyalty, and of course an increased budget from the clients.

With 15+ years of experience in customer journey, technology, and customer experience, Zoey is located at the intersection of Customer engagement and technology.

Zoey delivers value in customer experience, which today’s consumers are exactly looking for. Every customer is different, every feedback – whether positive or negative – has tremendous value for your business.

With cutting-edge technology, our AI-service delivers the Zoey effect for you and your customer. Zoey-users gain:

  • Opportunities in customer retention
  • Quality of the customer journey
  • Interaction between business and customer
  • Long-term and personal relationships
  • Higher customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • A time-saving service
  • An overall increase in profit by means of customer retention

So why should companies choose Zoey?

We look at the interests of the customer, and based on their interests, we provide professional and personalized help. The tips provided to the customer are carefully selected based on the customer information. Clients will be advised by a real person in no-time, delivering a WOW-factor to the customer. Zoey is a growing platform that works with more and more data, and has built up a knowledge centre for clients within different sectors.

The core of Zoey is to help people. Overcoming challenges in the customer acquisition and margin performance, Zoey enables additional up and cross-sell opportunities. The automated AI-service gives clients the exact quality information they need in no-time. You’ve got the customer, and we’ve got you covered.